How Pot Can Save Our Nation (Graphs)

Do you know why marijuana is demonized in our society? It’s because a man, a selfish, capitalist demon of a man—named William Randolph Hearst—put out an epic mudslinging campaign against the goods because hemp was cheaper than paper to produce into useable paper products, and Hurst, being the greedy bastard that he was, had stock in paper, and would do anything to make the world believe hemp was the devil (when in fact it was he that was so).

That’s why we have propaganda films like this:

So, despite the fact that you’re sipping on 101% proof brandy that could kill you if you ingested one sifter too many, pot, a plant that has been shown to kill NO ONE in large quantities is still illegal in all states federally. The man was a marketing genius; I’ll give him that (he also controlled most of the news agencies and papers in the U.S., so that helped).

Well finally, almost a century of b.s.-slinging towards the pot plant, some people in the U.S. government are finally starting to get it right. Not only is marijuana a useful drug for cancer patients, among others, the hemp seed can be used to create cheap sustainable products that can help cut down our national deficit through the use of its taxation (something we figured out years ago to do with alcohol, but the dummies on capital hill are just starting to figure out now).

With our recent elections, Washington State and Colorado have passed landmark bills allowing the use of recreational marijuana, and they will come out of the green tunnel all the better for it. Take a look at these graphs to show you just how much the taxation of pot will help the economies of these states:

Do you see those lines going upwards? That’s the millions of dollars that will be smoked into the economies of these states, helping Washington cut their deficit by 5.0% and Colorado by almost 2.0% in just a few years.

Now imagine if all 50 states passed similar laws. Do you know how much 5.0% of our national deficit is?

It’s over $814 Billion. Do you know how many programs we could finance with an extra $814 Billion in our bank? A lot.

You do the math. Should the federal government stop adhering to an old, greedy, dead capitalist’s propaganda? Or should they ‘man-up’ and bring some relief to our nation’s money problem?