Internet Explorer 10: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

IE 10

Microsoft has been on fire lately with the recent release of its new operating system, Windows 8, and its numerous new gadgets to go along with it. Of course, Microsoft has manufactured an upgraded Internet Explorer to go along with all of the exciting new releases. Here are the top 10 facts you need to know about the most recent version of Internet Explorer, IE 10.

1. IE 10 is Made for Windows 8

IE 10 is Made for Windows 8

Windows 8 is Microsoft’s latest operating system, which is optimized for the touchscreen trend that is changing the face of computers. Of course, they would have to update their Internet Explorer to go along with it, right? Right! IE 10 is the latest upgrade to Microsoft’s web browsing, made to enhance the touchscreen experience.

2. The Full IE 10 Experience Revolves Around Gestures
There are a number of cool features that IE 10 has that involves your fingers while web browsing. Swipe down to reveal a tab bar with thumbnail previews and swipe up to reveal the URL bar. Another touch gesture is IE 10’s Flip Ahead feature. When you swipe your finger left across the screen, IE 10 detects any “Next” buttons on the page and automatically directs you to the next page. Likewise, swipe your finger right to go to the previous page. Although IE 10 is a totally hands on experience and best when used that way, there will also be a version of IE 10 on Windows 7 as well.

3. The Upgraded Browser Opens Up in Full Screen Mode on Windows 8

IE 10

Like all of the applications on Windows 8, IE 10 opens up to a full screen. This maximizes page viewing with all features accessible by the swipe of a finger.

4. The URL Bar is on the Bottom
Wait, the URL is on the bottom? But it’s been on the top since… forever! It’s definitely something to get used to, but does it really matter? Not really. Humans are easily adaptable to change.

5. Pin Your Favorite Sites to the Start Screen

IE 10

The ability to pin websites to your start screen is not an entirely new idea. The idea was popularized by Apple’s iOS and there’s even a website dedicated to the idea. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea and Internet Explorer jumped on board.

6. IE 10 Enables “Do Not Track” Web Tracking Protection
Do Not Track” web tracking is a technology that lets users opt out of being tracked by websites that they don’t visit. This includes analytic services, advertising networks, and social platforms. IE 10 is equipped with this privacy protection technology.

7. IE 10 Doesn’t Not Shine in Desktop Mode

IE 10 Desktop Mode

There’s a version of IE 10 that runs in desktop mode, a version of Windows 8 that looks much like the classic style of Windows, and there will also be a version of IE 10 for Windows 7, but without the touchscreen feature there is no “wow” factor. The touchscreen capabilities are what makes IE 10 stand out against competitors like Firefox or Google Chrome. Without Windows 8, it seems like just a standard upgrade.

8. Must Use IE 10 in Both of Windows 8’s Interface Modes
IE 10 must be the default browser for both Windows 8 mode and classic mode. What this means is that if IE 10 is the default browser for the touchscreen capable version of Windows 8, it has to be the default browser for the classic style of Windows 8 as well. All or nothing.

9. Firefox Sent Internet Explorer a Cake to Congratulate on IE 10

Firefox Sends Internet Explorer Congratulations Cake

It’s heartwarming to see competitors being so nice to each other. Firefox sent this cake over to the guys at Internet Explorer to congratulate them on their new web browser. Although, for some reason I get the feeling that Firefox is mocking Internet Explorer, like “Our upgrade is going to kick your upgrade’s ass.”

10. The New Browser Will be Available for Windows 7 Mid-November
IE 10 comes equipped with all Windows 8 devices already, but will be released to Windows 7 users sometime mid-November.