Iran Takes Big Steps Toward Nukes, Agency Says

Iran, nuclear, United Nations

As if the Middle East wasn’t under enough turmoil, Iran is making significant advancements in its nuclear program, according to the United Nation.

The International Atomic Energy Agency report says Iran has installed all of the nearly 2,800 centrifuges it will use to enrich uranium at the Fordow plant, although they aren’t yet operational, CNN reports.

Iran has also increased its stockpile of 5 percent and 20 percent uranium, which the IAEA says can be converted into a weapons grade level. the country says its nuclear program is for peaceful use only, for power plants, but the United States, Isreal and other nations believe Iran intends to build nuclear weapons.

Isreal, which is having its own issues on the Gaza Strip and claims Hamas is using it as Iran’s army base, says completion of the plant could be catastrophic if Iran uses it for weapons.

In addition, Friday’s report says Iran hasn’t allowed the agency access to a military site, Parchin, and extensive activities there have “undermined” the agency’s verification process.

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