Is Infidelity Really a Just Enough Cause For a CIA Director to Quit?

Is having an extramarital affair really a reason for a CIA director to resign especially during a time when we’re still occupying Afghanistan and cold wars or outright wars with China, Iran and North Korea seem imminent?

Is what goes on in a man’s household, barring violence, cause for him to seek resignation from his duties at work, specifically if that work is in the preference of national security? I say no. You may say otherwise.

General Petraeus, our now former CIA Director, by most accounts, was a vital, prominent and effective piece of our national security puzzle. But, no longer.

This all boils down to the sanctity of marriage, and the weight it still holds in the previous generation’s—the one that controls the national empire, especially the “right”—interests in seeing this sanctity held upon the pedestal that their previous generation provided.

When Bill Clinton was receiving blowjobs under the presidential desk, he was impeached. That was easily the most grotesque transpiration during that whole ordeal—impeach a president over a blowjob? That sounds crazy.

Winston Churchill was pounding booze everyday like he was a diabetic and that was his insulin. And yet, he’s considered a heroic leader, and he should be; he played a large part in defeating the Nazis.

If anyone should have to step down from a position of high power it should be an alcoholic or drug-addict, or worse, a violator of law. But a cheat?

And yet this line of thinking still exists, obviously, as General Petraeus has resigned, or “pushed”, out of office due to an extramarital affair.

In no way do I agree with cheating on your significant other, even if the sacrament of marriage isn’t involved. It’s sneaky, dishonorable and most of all, a self-serving act of betrayal. But, should you have to quit your job because of it? That I’m not so sure of.

What do you think?