WATCH: Video of Israel Blowing Up Hamas Leader Ahmed Jabari with a Missile

The above video is footage captured by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) during an airstrike against the head of Hamas’ military wing, Ahmed Said Khalil al-Jabari.

The airstrike was done in retaliation for missile strikes on Israel over the past few days.

Although conflict in the middle east is far from rare, it is a bit odd how the IDF handled the announcement of their engagement on Hamas targets. The Israeli government went to their social media outlets first to break the news. Tweets were sent out announcing the airstrike a full hour before a press release was sent out.

Here is the tweet from IDF international spokesperson Avital Leibovich:

The official IDF Twitter handle followed suit and reported the airstrike:

Then the IDF then issued this warning:

Terrorists, today would be a good day to call in sick…

Here is the footage from the ground:
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