Israel Gets Closer to Invasion as Bombing Intensifies

Israel, Gaza Strip, Hamas

Israel appears to be readying its troops for a ground strike, with the Israel Defense Forces reporting earlier in the day it is “mobilizing forces” in preparation for a “possible ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.”

The country’s Cabinet later on Friday approved a request to activate up to 75,000 reservists as rockets kept flying from Gaza City to Tel Aviv, reports CNN. At least 30 people have been killed in Gaza since Wednesday, and Israel has reported three deaths.

Several Israeli strikes rattled Gaza City early today, and the the Cabinet headquarters, where Egypt’s prime minister met with Hamas’ officials, was destroyed.

The Israel Defense Forces said 97 rockets have hit Israel since midweek, with another 99 intercepted by the country’s missile defense system, and accuses Hamas as turning Gaza into “a frontal base for Iran.’

The shelling included rockets that landed near Tel Aviv and Jerusalem Friday, and Israelis consider the attacks to be an escalation, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, said.

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces, which has accused Hamas of turning Gaza into “a frontal base for Iran,” said 97 rockets launched from Gaza had hit Israel since midweek, while another 99 were intercepted by a missile defense system.

Meanwhile, the militant group al-Qassam, which is the military arm of Hamas, is oddly enough reporting its activities on Twitter, including:

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