Israel-Hamas Twitter War Could Get IDF Account Suspended

It seems that Israel is now fighting a war both on ground and on Social Media. The Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has gained media attention for its use of social media during the latest conflict with Gaza. Up-to-date tweets have given the public a constant stream of news from the Middle East, and statistics about who has been affected by the conflict. Israel has also used their account to issue warning to Hamas’ leadership:

Hamas’ official Twitter account was quick to respond to the tweet with their own threat to the IDF:

The IDF could get into some hot water for that tweet and rumors have been floating around about Twitter suspending the IDF’s account.

The current Twitter rules of use read in part:

@IDFSpokesperson is still up and running, which means Twitter either doesn’t believe the tweet violated terms of use or isn’t interesting in enforcing the terms.

Earlier today there were rumors going around that the IDF’s twitter had been suspended but @IDFSpokesperson has been up and running throughout the conflict.