Katt Williams Spits on Fan, Chases Heckler in Denver Meltdown

Katt Williams Denver Show Comes to StopNovember 1, 2012 Katt picks a fight with an audience member after dancing and rapping on stage for 20 minutes. During his dance number he rips off his clothes, dumps water all over himself, and acts strung out. The audience kept waiting for the show to start but Katt walks off stage after promising everyone…2012-11-02T07:42:51.000Z

Fans in Denver are angry after controversial comedian Katt Williams — who many are now calling “Crack Williams” — ended his show less than a half hour into his Thursday night set to confront a heckler.

The show, held at Denver’s Wells Fargo Theater, is one of two set for Denver. Williams just snapped — and that was after a bizarre opening that left many shaking their heads, Denver resident Margaret Smith told the Denver Post:

He just snapped. Everybody started calling him ‘Crack Williams’ because he was running around the stage like he was high on meth or crack or something.

The comedian took the stage at the half-full venue shortly before 11 p.m., where he did push ups, took off his shirt and doused himself in water. He then invited a hecker on stage and spit water on him.

And when the heckling really got bad, he jumped off the stage and chased after a heckler, yelling at him in a profane tirade before the heckler got into a shoving match with Williams’ bodyguards.

Denver Police and Willams’ bodyguards were able to keep the shoving match from turning into a full-blown fight, and Williams went back on stage and announced everyone there would get a refund.

According to attendees and amateur video of the event, Denver Police joined the bodyguards to prevent the shoving match from turning into a brawl. Williams returned to the stage and announced that everyone would get a refund.

No refunds have been given yet, though, and Williams hasn’t commented or apologized. However, people who were at the show went on Williams’ Facebook page to slam him. Fan Melissa Schindler wrote:

So bummed. Katt wtf happened? Put the pipe down. F*ck that dude, heckling is part of the business. You are a grown ass man, get your s*it together. That old dude pissed me off too, but that gave you no right to walk out and leave us empty handed. The tour was not advertised as 3 lesbians, the old guy from Friday, and the comedian formerly known as Katt. When you decided on the alter ego Big Pussy, did you think that through? Can’t believe I spent $160.00 to attend your show, spent 4 hours at the theater, and did not get to hear you perform even one f*cking joke. We were just real people needing a laugh but you let crack or cocaine or something over take you. Watch the video of yourself, it was sad to watch you come out more and more fucked up each time. Your face was not natural. Go to rehab and come back. You owe us. You promised us a few hours of laughter but instead you almost caused a riot. Get it together Katt, we miss you.

Just two weeks ago, Williams got busted with a gun outside an L.A. nightclub, where he threatened comedian Faizon Love. He wasn’t charged. And Friday night’s show in Denver went on as planned.

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