Ke$ha Insists She Didn’t Bang Justin Bieber

kesha sex justin bieber

Kesha is all like, no way, I didn’t bang the Biebs. But the lady doth protest too much, wethinks.

According to RumorFix, the “Your Love is My Drug” singer dispelled the rumor she had sex with Justin Bieber during an interview with the Aussie show Hot30 Countdown:

I mean that’s news to me. … No, I have not, for the record, ever slept with Justin Bieber. More than that he has a girlfriend who is really really hot, so … I think he’s sorted.

The hottie of which she speaks is Disney darling turned sex-symbol pop icon Selena Gomez, who, indeed, is hot. But is she his girlfriend?

Sources close the couple say Selena only stays with the effeminate boy-child superstar because it’s good for her career. He makes 12-year-olds scream, but he’s not man enough for Selena.

If Biebs isn’t getting any action from his sham lover, of course he’d want a piece of Kesha on the side.

justin bieber sex kesha

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