Lebanese Man Has Crappy Time Trying to Smuggle Diamonds Out of Africa

Lebanon, South Africa, diamonds, smuggler

Ouch! Ouch ouch!

What’s that sound, you ask? That’s the sound a 25-year-old man makes giving back the 220 diamonds he swallowed and tried to sneak out of South Africa.

Seems the Lebanese national was heading out through Johannesburg’s main airport on his way to Dubai when he was stopped at a security point. He’d swallowed $2.25 million worth of polished diamonds and the police apparently caught wind of the attempt.

So they stopped him and “relieved” him of the contraband cargo.

“We used laxatives to remove the diamonds,” police spokesman Paul Ramaloko said.

The man will appear in court on Thursday, where hopefully they’ll give him one of those donut things to sit on. This isn’t the first time a Lebanese man tried sneaking diamonds out – in March, police arrested another one trying to get away with $1.69 million in diamonds.

So ladies, are you sure where those diamonds have been?