3 States May Vote Today to Legalize Marijuana for Potheads

marijuana plant

In far more pressing issues than this presidential election, six states will hit the voting booths today to decide on marijuana-related legislation. Weed!

Three states might say f*ck ya’ll to federal law and legalize recreational use of marijuana. In the past, federal officials would threaten to strongly enforce laws against marijuana even if states approved its use; however, this time around they’ve kept mostly quiet. Three other states have measures dealing with medical pot.

washington marijuana legalization

Washington State’s Initiative 502 deals with Marijuana legalization. CBS News predicts that though both candidates for governor opposed it, Washington’s initiative is the most like to pass. If I-502 passes, the production, distribution, and possession of marijuana would be licensed and regulated for people over 21. A sales tax of 25 percent on all sales would be implemented and changes to the DUI standard would also be created. A poll done by the University of Washington from October 18 to October 31 forecast that 55.4 percent of voters would say yes to I-502, with 37.6 percent opposed to the initiative.

colorado legalization marijuana
Colorado residents will vote on Amendment 64 today. Public Policy Polling reported yesterday that 52 percent of voters support this amendment and 44 percent oppose it. If it passes, pot would be taxed and regulated like alcohol and tobacco. The law would allow people over 21 to have up to an ounce of marijuana — but not to be used in public. It would also let people grow up to six marijuana plants in a private place. Colorado currently has 536 marijuana dispensaries selling to people with state-issued licenses, but Amendment 64 would NOT limit marijuana sale to Colorado residents only. Road trip!

Oregon, on the other hand, doesn’t seem quite ready to accept completely legal marijuana. Though the state does allow medicinal use, Measure 80 is not expected to pass, with only 42 percent of voters in favor of the law and 49 percent opposed, according to a poll done by The Oregonian.

Montana, having approved medicinal marijuana in 2004, is voting today to overturn a law passed in 2011 that placed serious restrictions on medicinal weed and led to dispensaries being shut down.

Massachusetts and Arkansas are deciding today on whether to allow medicinal marijuana. Seventeen states and Washington, D.C., allow the use of medical marijuana, and Arkansas would be the first Southern state to do so. Get with the times, guys!

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