LinkedIn: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

LinkedIn has become the go-to tool for professional networking. Being able to leverage it can give anyone in nearly any field an edge. Here we’ve done your ambitious soul a favor and compiled a list of information about the fast growing company.

1. It Was Founded In December, 2002
LinkedIn was created with a different vision than digital social networking progenitors Myspace and Facebook.
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2. There Are More Than 175 million Users.

With users in 200 countries and adding a profile every 2 seconds, LinkedIn is a major player in the social networking scene.

3. It Was Founded By Reid Hoffman And The PayPal Crew
When a company has this kind of biz-whiz A-list pedigree, you know it’s worth paying attention to. Entrepreneur Reid Hoffman is known as one of the most successful angel investors of all time.

4. Your Boss Loves It

The most prolific executives can generally be considered masters of the ol’ schmooze. So it makes sense that many industry leaders use LinkedIn to help organize connections, which leads us to our next fact.

5. It Can Greatly Increase Your Professional Social Capital
This is the most important aspect of LinkedIn. It can be argued that a more generalized site like Facebook could offer the same professional services, but the problem is static. Facebook and other social networking sites are clogged up with your mom, baby pictures, and heart broken 16-year-olds. Even though LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman argues that people haven’t quite figured out how to correctly leverage the site’s power, it’s still the premiere tool for professional networking.

6. LinkedIn Stock (LNKD) Is Currently A “Buy”
As of this writing, it’s $96.51 a share, and projected to grow by most analysts. LinkedIn has also been much more successful than Facebook in weathering the roller coaster that buzz-worthy tech IPO’s tend to generate.

7. It’s A Great Place To Find A Job

Because of its professional social networking chops, LinkedIn is arguably the best place to job search, with the caveat that you already have a network in place. It’s much better than resume sites like because of the interpersonal relationships and direct accessibility that LinkedIn affords. It also has a decent database of companies, so you can do some ground research before you start reaching out.

8. It May Represent The Digital Social Networking Of Tomorrow
There is a very specific need for what LinkedIn currently does better than anyone else, which is connect professionals. That need is only going to grow and continue to develop, and a platform that has the ability to change with that demand has real staying power. Theoretically, these services could be compartmentalized under a larger social networking umbrella, which is something that Google+ has experimented with, but when it comes to the really important stuff, people er on the side of specialization. No one can predict the future entirely, but LinkedIn’s fluid professional networking model is likely here to stay for some time.

9. They Have Cool Side Projects That You Should Watch For

The Search, Network, and Analytics, (SNA) team at LinkedIn is, as you might imagine, pretty bang-up. One of their more interesting endeavors is Voldemort, an innovative database system. This sort of thing is important because it means that the company is attracting smart, innovative people who have a desire to shake things up.

10. You Should Have An Account
Most of this information is irrelevant if you don’t have an account. So go register, it takes 3 minutes. Then fill out the profile metrics as you see fit, and remember to upload your contacts list.