Long John’s Manager Accused of Using Phone to Record Women in Bathroom

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Don’t look now, ladies, but you’re being recorded – at least you were, if you were going to the bathroom in a Vallejo, Calif. Long John Silver’s, where a 17-year-old manager is accused of hiding a cell phone in a stall to record women.

The supervisor’s name wasn’t released because of his name, but he was fired, arrested and released back to his parents, and he likely had a very uncomfortable ride back home with them.

Police said a customer and her daughter noticed what appeared to be a digital video recorder, as they were using the bathroom. They called police, who found the cell phone hidden in an vent and recording video images. They took custody of the cell phone, but aren’t sure how many women had been recorded or what was done with the files.

Restaurant employees aren’t being permitted to comment, but did confirm the teen had worked there for about three months.