Lytro Cameras Create 3D Pictures and Add Perspective Shift


It’s been awhile since anything revolutionary happened to digital cameras–besides Instagram of course–and that’s why these cameras made by Lytro seem even cooler. It looks like an oversized rectangular Chapstick bottle, but what it does is pretty mind blowing.

Lytro cameras let you take a photo and refocus on any point of the picture after it has already been taken, a feature called light-field photography. Another feature called perspective shift allows camera users to alter the photo’s point of view after it’s been taken, giving it a 3D effect. Filters can be added to pictures as well, which give it an extra appeal. Check it out:

The camera was released earlier in the year by the new Silicon Valley-based startup. The camera costs $400 and is only 1.2 megapixels. That’s nothing compared to the usual camera phone’s 8 megapixels these days.

While it doesn’t have the ideal specifications, its unique abilities are sure eye-popping. This new gadget could potentially redefine the landscape of digital cameras.