Macy’s Parade Confetti Made From Confidential Police Documents?

Just how did confidential police documents get scrapped and turned into confetti for the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? That’s the question investigators are trying to figure out right now.

Apparently, as WPIX New York reports, the confetti had arrest records, detectives’ information-like social security numbers and addresses-bank information, and even undercover officers’ identities. I believe that’s not the kind of parade Macy’s was interested in throwing.

The documents are from the Nassau County Police department, and they were shredded horizontally so full social security numbers, bank account numbers, names, and even information about a motorcade for Mitt Romney, were in full view.

Police documents are to be shredded vertically, as are all sensitive documents, as not to show these details. Was someone in on this Joker-like escapade, or was this just a monumental screw-up?

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