Michigan: Dead Man Legally Voted

Election time is always ripe with a lot of bad news going on around the country, with the 2000 Florida “voting card chad” scandal probably one of the most memorable moments out there. Still, one voter decided to make it a bit more interesting: he voted while dead.

The New York Post reports that a nurse working in Southfield Township, Michigan was filling out his absentee ballot when another man nearby who was filling out a ballot of his own (with the help of his wife) keeled over.

After hearing the wife’s calls for help the nurse rushed over and began giving CPR to the man, successfully reviving him. Having just recovered from a near death experience the man’s first reaction was simply…

“Did I vote?”

Amazingly enough he had, and is now one of the country’s only people to have successfully legally voted while dead. Oregon’s violations of a woman filling in Republican candidates on blank ballots doesn’t even come close in terms of pulling off something awesome this year.

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