New Beta Service Lets You ‘Recollect’ Social Networking Accounts

Recollect, social media, social networking, technology
Ever wanted to look at everything you’ve said on your favorite social networks?

There’s a new tool, Recollect, which launched in beta mode this past week, that will let you back up all your updates, check-ins and photos and make it easier to search them, according to Mashable.

The tool was created by three former Flickr employees, and allows users to archive posts and download a Zip file of them at any time. Prices range from $6 a month for 5,000 archived photos, one monthly data download and one account per social network and up to $24 a month to archive 50,000 photos, get weekly downloads and save up to five accounts per website.

Christopher Martin and co-founder Bertrand Fan both worked as engineers on Flickr’s web development team, and the third co-founder, Timoni West was a designer on the photo website. For now, the service is just working with Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Foursquare for the beta release, which includes the ability to archive posts, download data, browse through the archive and search for specific keywords.

The search and browsing features are probably the best part. If you can’t remember where you posted an update, you can search for it by keyword. Recollect also organizes posts in chronological order, to make searching easier.

Martin says the group also plans to incorporate more social networks into Recollect, and Facebook is next on its list.

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