Obama-Romney Neck-&-Neck in Virginia: Exit Poll Tied at 49-49

virginia exit poll

In the all-important battleground state of Virginia, it’s too close to call between Obama and Romney. Exit polls show a dead heat:

Virginia represents 13 electoral votes in the race to reach 270.

CBS reports that Romney is dominating among whites (64-35 percent) in Virginia, while Obama leads among women (53-46 percent). The same report says Obama leads among black voters (94-6 percent). Meanwhile, Virginia voters notably split by age, CBS reports:

Mr. Obama led by 16 percentage points among voters age 18-24, by 25 points among voters age 25-29, and by 14 points among voters age 30-39. Romney led by two points among voters 40-49, by nine points among voters 50-64, and by 14 points among voters 65 and older. Voters 50-64 were the largest of these groups, making up 31 percent of the electorate.

Moving away from exit polls to actual results, CNN’s Virginia results page showed Romney holding a 58 percent majority of votes with 1 percent of districts reporting.

Politico’s Virginia page also showed Romney with a similar lead with about 2 percent reporting:

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