Obama Wins! Empire State Building Turns Blue

obama wins election 2012

President Barack Obama is certain to achieve re-election after taking Ohio. He celebrated with this tweet, which instantly went viral:

Even Fox News is calling the victory for the president. In fact, Fox was one of the first to call it.

The Romney camp fumed, saying Ohio was still in play and the call was premature.

But the Empire State Building has turned blue — CNN’s over-the-top indicator that the election has gone to the Democratic incumbent.

barack obama wins re-election empire state building blue

And they’re partying in Chicago:

Obama wins

But Donald Trump is losing his sh*t:

After Ohio fell to Obama, the president continued to mount a commanding lead in electoral college votes, even as Romney held a slight lead in the national popular vote.

As of 12:19 a.m., the Romney camp had still not conceded victory and Karl Rove was still explaining why Romney might win Ohio.

But things were sinking in at Romney’s Boston headquarters:

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