Octomom Allowed to Continue Arguing for Money from Rehab

Octomom Rehab

Nadya Suleman, better known as “The Octomom” (which sounds an awful lot like a comic book villain), checked herself into rehab for a Xanax addiction because of course she has a Xanax addiction. However, she’s also been working as a professional arguer of things with random strangers on the Internet for Deeyoon.com.

One can easily see how these two might clash as her job is essentially to be berated by people including Michael Lohan of all people in 90 minute stints. Not exactly the healthiest environment for some one trying to kick an addiction.

However, TMZ has learned that Octomom has received permission to continue yelling and being yelled at for money and in fact, will receive treatment around her work schedule. Apparently arguing with strangers on the Internet isn’t as flexible a job title as you’d think.

The rehab facility will monitor the Octomom’s chats so that they can make sure she’s not going off her treatment plan and say begging people for Xanax. We all know if there’s one thing that helps an addict in recovery it’s constantly talking angrily to strangers.

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