Papa Johns Sued for $250 Million Over Texts

Nobody likes spam messages, especially when they never agreed to receive even a single one in the first place. Unfortunately for Papa Johns pizza they’re now on the hook for their dastardly texting deeds – to the sum of $250 million bucks.

According to Gawker customers in a class action lawsuit are going after Papa Johns after in early 2010 they received an average of 15 or 16 text messages a day (many times late at night, repeatedly) sent to their cell phones after simply picking up the phone to order a pizza. Were customers ever asked to receive these texts? Nah, but apparently Papa Johns decided hitting them up with multiple copies of every sale that they ever even thought of running.

In punishment for this harassment the lawsuit is looking for an average payment to the customers of $500 per text sent, or up to $,1500 per text if the court decides that Papa Johns willfully broke the law. This adds up to an impressive $250 million, minimum, that may need to be dished out if found guilty of text spamming.

Papa Johns is naturally denying any responsibility for the texts, saying it was an issue caused by an outsourced mass texting provider of their known as OnTime4U. Just to keep all of their bases covered OnTime4U is also named in the lawsuit, so customers can most likely expect some sort of positive ruling in their nature against one of the defendants.

My only question is, who the heck would be ordering that crappy pizza in the first place?