Paula Broadwell’s Husband: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Paula Broadwell and Her Husband

Paula Broadwell has been all over the news today because of her affair with CIA director David Petraeus. So much so that her husband has been pushed somewhat in the spotlight. We’ve learned some things about him, but not much. Here’s everything we know about Paula Broadwell’s husband so far.

1. Paula Broadwell’s Husband’s Name Is Scott

He’s a radiologist who lives with his wife and kids in Charlotte, North Carolina.

2. They Have Two Children

The Broadwells have two sons aged 4 and 6. The sons are named Lucien and Landon. Landon is 6, Lucien is 4. Paula taught both children to identify Pakistan on a map.

3. Scott Broadwell Participated In A Pushup Contest With His Wife And Jon Stewart

During an appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Paula Broadwell challenged her husband and Jon to a pushup contest for charity. In a scene only view-able on the Internet, Scott came onto the stage, on camera, and … well, did pushups.

4. He Told His Wife To Puff Up Petraeus’ Presidential Dreams

On that very same episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Paula let slip during the interview that her husband told her to say that David Petraeus was interested in running for president in order to pump up book sales.

5. He Might Have Written To The New York Times About The Affair

Rumors are flying about a July column of The Ethicist in the New York Times by Chuck Klosterman which appears to answer a question from an anonymous reader asking advice on a situation very similar to the David Petraeus affair. Was this question sent in by Scott Broadwell? No one’s sure, but it’s close enough to cause rampant speculation.

6. The Couple Has A Very Nice House

The Broadwell House

The family lives in the upscale Dilworth neighborhood in Charlotte. The house is worth $908,000. It is a five-bedroom, four-bathroom two-story brick house.

7. The Couple Met In Germany

Scott and Paula Broadwell met in Germany while they were both training to become ski patrollers.

8. The Couple Describe Themselves As “Adventure Junkies”

As previously stated the Broadwells trained to be ski patrollers. Paula Ran on the indoor, outdoor and cross-country track teams at West Point. Plus they both are mad good at pushups.

9. Scott Broadwell

At least according to their kids:

Paula Broadwell's Husband Hearts Her

Now, that’s just heart-breaking.

10. Scott Took Care Of The Kids When Paula Went Abroad

As part of her job of covering Petraeus, Paula frequently went overseas. Scott was left to take care of the kids. So far all evidence suggests that the affair had not yet taken place during those times. It wasn’t until after Petraeus came back home and retired from the army.

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