Petraeus Benghazi Testimony: He Always Knew it Was Terrorism

petraeus benghazi testimony

Then-CIA Director David Petraeus knew right away that the attack on Benghazi was terrorism — in direct contradiction to public statements made by the Obama administration in the days after the September 11 bloodbath.

According to comments from members of the House Intelligence Committee, the disgraced general testified today that he believed the attack to be terrorism within 24 hours of the event.

But that assessment was nowhere to be found in statements made in the wake of the attack that painted it as another spontaneous protest related to an anti-Muslim hate film.

Petraeus reportedly testified today that the CIA’s “talking points” were changed to delete references to al-Qaida, according to committee member Rep. Peter King (R-New York): “No one knows yet exactly who came up with the final version of the talking points.”

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, now in the running for Secretary of State, is under extreme fire for her statements — made five days after the attack — that adhered to the “talking points” and the protest narrative.

Democratic committee member Rep. Adam Schiff of California said Petraeus today “completely debunked” the idea that there was “politicization of the process” or “White House interference or political agenda.” Schiff said the changes to the “talking points” were made “to protect classified information.”

Meanwhile, a distinction is being drawn between the first wave of the attack on the consulate and the second, more-organized attack on the CIA annex.

Petraeus’ scandalous affair with his biographer was reportedly a minor sidenote in his testimony this morning. He expressed regret, but there was no tie to the relevant facts of the Benghazi probe.

Petraeus will also testify today to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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