RAW VIDEO: Naked Man Climbs London Statue and Shuts Down District

Okay, here’s something you wouldn’t want to try without having a stunt double.

A naked man climbed atop a large equestrian statue in the heart of London’s Whitehall government district Friday, striking a variety of poses before being coaxed down by police nearly three hours later. The district was shut down while police tried to coax him down.

London cops said the man, in his 30s or 40s first climbed atop the huge bronze statue of the 19th century Duke of Cambridge at about noon. He’s got amazing balance, as he climbed up and down the statue, despite the chilly weather, and even at one point balanced his naked body on the duke’s head.

The man eventually came down, after police blocked the area, which is near several government buildings and the prime minister’s home.

The man is in custody – and presumably fully dressed, and is being held under Britain’s Mental Health Act.