Seaside Heights Coaster May Remain as a Monument After Sandy

Seaside Heights, N.J.

If you’ve ever been to a New Jersey beach, you feel the sorrow for the destruction it faced through hurricane Sandy. Especially Seaside Heights. As a citizen who has grown up going to Seaside his whole life, it means a lot more than the reputation the “Jersey Shore” gave it. It means walking on the boardwalk, eating the best ice cream and loving summer. When hurricane Sandy hit, everything we knew about the Jersey shore got swept away in a matter of hours.

But some attractions remained standing when the clouds cleared up. One roller coaster that remains sitting partially submerged in the Atlantic Ocean is being considered being made into a tourist attraction. The mayor is working with the coast guard to determine if the attraction is stable.

The average Jersey beach was trimmed 30 to 40 feet narrower after the storm.