Sen. John McCain Promises to Block Susan Rice’s Nomination as Secretary of State [VIDEO]

Sen. John McCain (R) told Fox News this morning that he “will do everything in his power to block [Susan Rice] being nominated as Secretary of State”. Rice is the current US Ambassador to the UN.

The former National Security Staffer, Rice has been criticized due to her allegedly “misleading” the public about the Sept 11th Benghazi incident which resulted in the death of the US Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens along with his colleague Sean Stevens.

McCain goes on to talk about the possibility of former Presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry being nominated to the head of the Department of State. He stated that he “would look into it” before blocking the Massachusetts senator.

President Barack Obama spoke at a press conference this afternoon regarding Rice saying: “To besmirch her reputation is outrageous”. Further stating that he believes Rice is being picked on by the GOP because she is an “easy target”.