Simon Cowell Slams Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore For Saying He Should be Shot

Simon Cowell, X Factor, Depeche Mode, Martin Gore

Simon Cowell is furious after a member of the 80s pop band Depeche Mode said he should be shot because of his influence on how stars are made.

Depeche Mode guitarist Martin Gore last week told a magazine interviewer that he hates reality shows like Cowell’s “X Factor,” and declared “I think somebody should shoot Simon Cowell.”

Simon Cowell, X Factor, Depeche Mode, Martin Gore

Cowell, angry at the comments, took to Twitter to slam Gore by saying his comments are irresponsible in the wake of soaring gun crime, and to take a potshot at Gore’s band all at the same time.

He continued calling Gore a “weirdo,” saying:

We’re guessing Depeche Mode won’t be making a guest appearance on the X Factor any time soon!

It doesn’t really sound like Gore wants Cowell dead, though, but he’d like to be rid of reality shows. In an interview with Music Week, Gore blames reality shows such as The X Factor for the decline of new bands in the music industry because they don’t get the same funding as manufactured acts.

I’m not advocating violence, but I think somebody should shoot Simon Cowell. His influence in the music industry over the last God knows how many years it’s been now. It’s just like, so many people think that that’s what music is. What happened to bands getting together? They are very few and far between now and the ones that do probably can’t afford to get into a studio and make a record.