Steve Jobs Biopic Will Not Include iPhone, Says Aaron Sorkin

Steve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin, Apple.

The Aaron Sorkin penned Steve Jobs movie will be told across three stories, and none of them will include the revolutionary iPhone.

I hope I don’t get killed by the studio for giving too much away but this entire movie is going to be three scenes, and three scenes only, that all take place in real time.”

Sorkin was speaking that the Newsweek & The Daily Beast’s Hero Summit Thursday. This marks the first time that the Oscar winning writer has talked about what we should expect in the Jobs biopic.

The Social Network writer says that three major instances will be covered across Jobs’ working life. They will each be 30 minutes long and be in real time. According to Sorkin:

all set right before three major product launches.”

The launches in question are the 1984 Macintosh, the 1990 NeXT Cube, and the 2001 birth of the original iPod.

Speaking about the kind of person he thinks Jobs is, Sorkin said:

there’s no point in writing about someone unless they’re flawed,”

Steve Jobs, Aaron Sorkin, Apple, iPhone.

Sorkin has spent his research for the piece meeting with those who knew his subject best, like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, a meeting which was featured in the L.A. Times.

I’ve been able to talk to these people who revere him in spite of the fact that he made all of them cry at one point or another, but he made all of them better at what they were doing.”

It’s unlikely this news of the three-stage-movie, that won’t include the iPhone, will satisfy the obsessive Apple fans. But it being Sorkin, it’s a guarantee that it will be an interesting story.

The current plan that Sorkin has to end the movie is with the voice over from the, “Here’s to the crazy ones,” which was a part of Apple’s famous “Think Different” ad campaign of 1997. Sorkin said:

If I can earn that ending then I’ll have written the movie that I want to write,”

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