That Chick Lindsay Lohan Punched is a PSYCHIC Named ‘Ava’

lindsay lohan punched psychic

As we reported earlier, everyone’s favorite trainwreck Lindsay Lohan was in the news again today, having slugged a woman in the face early this morning in a Manhattan nightclub. What an incredible comeback she’s making.

tiffany mitchell

Turns out her alleged victim is Tiffany Eve Mitchell, a 28-year-old West Palm Beach psychic. The Palm Beach Daily News says that Mitchell reads palms and tarot cards and goes by the name “Ava.” You would think she would’ve seen it coming.

LiLo and Mitchell were in separate VIP sections when a fight broke out among other people in the club. Apparently, the two women bumped into each other, then sat down. Then Lindsay allegedly stood back up and punched Mitchell.

lindsay lohan drunk

Poor Lindsay, everyone’s always picking on her.