Top 5 Strangest Things for $5

Short on cash, but still looking for something funny/cool/odd/just-plain-weird to make (or break) your day? Oddee put together a list of what they consider to be the strangest things offered out there is for $5, and we’ve shortlisted a few eyebrow raisers here that we think you will enjoy:

1. I will eat cat food for you

A mere $5 will get this girl to eat a handful of dry cat food for you while you watch over Skype. Another $5 will have him eat wet cat food, with a final $5 giving you an HD recording of it all. Don’t believe it? Check it out here.

2. I will write a message on my lips and take photos for you

Sexy, and meaningful! Get your (2-word) message across in a meaningful way. While “marry me” might be a bit out of the question it could certainly help break the ice with something like “You’re fired!” Check it out here.

3. I will fill my shoes with ketchup or mustard and wear them for 5 minutes

Strange and squishy walking has never been so enjoyable. Pay for five minutes of pleasure watching someone walk around in the condiment of your choice here.

4. I will put a curse on someone

Angry at someone and REALLY want them to pay? (Well, at least in the metaphysical world, and that’s where it really counts!) Put a curse on them today for a mere $5 by clicking here!

5. I will let you watch someone slap me

Get pleasure out of seeing a good slap, but not happy about having to deal with your own stinging hand afterwards? Pay someone else to give and receive the slap for you! You can order your own slaptastic experience here.

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