Twin Welcomes Gloria Allred to the Petraeus Mess

Gloria Allred, Natalie Khawam, Jill Kelley, Gen. David Petraeus, David Petraeus affair, Paula Broadwell

Do you know how freaking hard it is to be the twin that’s not getting much attention?

Well, apparently Natalie Khawam does. What’s that? You don’t know her name? Well, she’s the identical twin of Jill Kelley, the “other, other woman” in the big David Petraeus scandal.

Gloria Allred, Natalie Khawam, Jill Kelley, Gen. David Petraeus, David Petraeus affair, Paula Broadwell

Of course, Jill Kelley is the one who complained to the FBI that she was getting nasty e-mails from someone through Petraeus’ email, and since she apparently had some pull with the FBI agent, they tracked down her cyberbully and it turned out to be Petraeus’ mistress, Paula Broadwell.

And then the FBI found that Jill was sending emails to yet another general, because apparently older four-star generals don’t have enough to do commanding troops – they also like emailing so-called Tampa “socialites.”

Following so far? Well, then we come to Natalie Khawam, who doesn’t seem like she has much to do with any of this mess, except for looking a lot like her sister. So, not to be left out, she hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, because just about anytime Allred takes on a client, it ends up on the news.

So far, there’s not been any reason, really, for Khawam to hire herself a six-figure mouthpiece, except for some grumbling about her child custody case…

Ah, but here’s the rub. Seems Petraeus, while he was busy commanding troops in Iran and Afghanistan, had time to stand up for Khawam in her child custody case.

Last week, the New York Post reported how Petraeus and Allen, the top military commander in Afghanistan, each wrote glowing letters to boost Khawam in the custody battle. Can you imagine their to-do lists? Review the troops. Check. Write a letter for that lady’s child custody, check, check.

“Natalie clearly dotes on her son and goes to great lengths – and great expense – to spend quality time with him,” Petraeus gushed in his Sept. 20 letter. He said he and his wife, Holly have known Khawam for about three years and had her and her kids over for Christmas dinner.

Anyway, Allred is going to have a press conference Tuesday. But who is paying her retainer?

This was all so much easier to keep track of when it was just Petraeus banging Broadwell, wasn’t it?

And no, we do not know why the twins cock their heads sideways every time they have their picture taken with someone famous.