VIDEO: Anderson Cooper ‘Walks’ Among the Dead With Zombie Look

In a zombie apocalypse, even famous people like Anderson Cooper would be among “The Walking Dead,” and viewers watching Friday’s episode of the newsman’s talk show got a look at what a zombie Anderson would look like.Anderson Cooper, Norman Reedus, Daryl Dixon, The Walking Dead, Hines Ward

He’s not planning a cameo, like former Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward, but Cooper was interviewing Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on the popular AMC show, and Cooper’s staff made up a picture of what he’d look like as one of the undead, and he seemed to like his look:

I love that the baby blues are still sparkling, and the hair is still perfect.

And Reedus brought his character’s trusty weapon of choice with him for the interview, and explained how he uses it on the show to take out zombies.

“It’s hard not to look cool holding a crossbow,” he said.

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