WATCH: 5 Shocking Rocket & Missile Attack Videos in the Israel-Gaza Conflict

Since the beginning of Israel’s operation Pillar of Defense, both Gaza and the IDF have been firing massive numbers of rockets and missiles at each other. Israel, for its part, has access to much more conventional weapons and has been able to deliberately target individual buildings where Hamas and other opposition officials are suspected to be present. Gaza has fired at least 875 rockets, around 300 of which have been intercepted by the IDF’s high-tech Iron Dome missile intercept system.
Warning: These are not videos of people being hit by rockets, but they are graphic in nature and depict raw footage of a quickly evolving conflict.

An amateur video of a rocket attack on Ashdod, Israel. Put a pair of headphones on to get an idea of the intensity of the impact.

You can actually see the Israeli missile fly in and destroy its Gaza target.

Israeli missiles destroy the headquarters of Palestinian National Security Forces

The Iron Dome gives Israeli wedding guests an unexpected light show.

Israeli strikes on Hamas HQ and other military targets.

Check out videos of the Iron Dome missile defense system in action.