WATCH: Arizona Powerball Winner Caught on CCTV in Maryland

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This is the footage that could reveal the identity of the other winner of Wednesday’s massive $587 million Powerball lottery draw. Earlier today a couple in Missouri, Mark and Cindy Hill were announced as winners of half the jackpot, and now all of America is awaiting the identity of the second winner.

In the video, a man in workman construction clothes goes to the counter to check the winning numbers. The cashier, Kamran Afgan, tells him he has one half of the jackpot. Afgan told NBC news the man was from Maryland and a member of the military. Powerball has not yet revealed the name or identity of the second winner.

The ticket was bought in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Under Powerball rules, the man will have to return to the Grand Canyon state to claim his winnings. He will also have to pay all of his taxes on the money there too.

In accordance with Arizona lottery rules, the man has 180 days to claim his prize from the day of the drawing.

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