When Muppets Attack: Strange Creature Found in Namibia

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to strange creatures out there in the world? Think again. Adelaide Now reports that a strange, muppet-like creature was recently shot by Namibian hunters.

What may seem something of a hoax at first, the creature pictured above was was actually stumbled upon by a hunting party while out searching the dense jungle around the African country. Upon seeing it one hunter shot and wounded it while it was apparently out foraging for food, at which point it ran off.

Following the creature the rest of the party stumbled upon what appeared to be a den of some sort with other similar creatures. Once cornered the wounded one attacked the hunters and was killed while the other creatures ran off.

Nobody is quite sure what to make of this new creature, though its body is being examined by local authorities to determine just what it may be.

Until a full report can be made just be careful to watch out for other muppets in the trees should you be heading outside these days.

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