Windows PC Sales Declining: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Microsoft Windows

Windows PC sales have been declining for a little while now and Microsoft was really hoping that with the debut of its new operating system, Windows 8, sales would quickly rise. Analysts even suspected that many customers were holding out for a new Windows 8 PC. Well, it’s been four weeks since Windows 8 hit shelves and PC sales have actually gone down. Yep, they’re all cashing out on Macs. Here are the top 10 facts you need to know about the recent decline in Windows PC sales.

1. Windows PC Sales Down 21%

Windows PC Sales Down

According to NPD Group, Windows consumer sales are down an overall 21 percent for the month of November. Since the launch of Windows 8 on Oct. 26, laptop sales are down 24 percent and desktop sales are down 9 percent compared with the same period last year.

2. Windows 8 Didn’t Help
Windows 8 looked like a promising revamp of the Windows operating system with its use of Live Tiles and other new features, but the new OS didn’t perform as well as they hoped. The touch screen optimization of Windows 8 was designed to attract younger users with a colorful appeal, but it might have just confused traditional users who are used to using a keyboard and mouse. The Windows 8 operation system was made for touch screens. Literally tons of new tablets and tablet/laptop hybrids were designed for the new operating system. If sales don’t rise in PCs soon, a lot of cool new PC designs will go to waste.

3. Windows 8 Reviews Hurt

Windows 8 was hit hard with reviews. Some said that the new operating system comes with a steep learning curve and it looks like many people are taking the advice not to upgrade to a Windows 8 PC.

4. PCs are Hurting from Poor Back-To-School Sales

5. The PC is Losing to Macs

Apple iPad

Let’s face it, Apple is increasingly gaining popularity. More people are switching to iPhones everyday and everyone wants an iPad. In fact, at a recent press event, Apple said its MacBook Pro is the bestselling notebook on the market. I’m not a Mac user, but I’ll admit they do know how to appeal to the consumer.

6. Average PC Costs are Higher Than Last Year
The average price of PC systems spiked compared with last year’s prices. Overall, PC prices jumped from $433 to $477.

7. PCs Not on Top of Christmas Lists

iPads for Christmas

A bunch of studies released on what consumers are most likely going to buy this holiday season and they all say PCs are either not on their Christmas lists at all or far down on them. Once again, everyone wants an iPad this year.

8. Desktop Computers Dying
Desktop computer sales were down 9 percent this year, but is that really a surprise? No one wants a bulky computer anymore; they want something mobile that they can take with them anywhere. They versatility of a tablet is what is desired now. But even all the new Windows 8 tablets couldn’t help PCs.

9. The Economy is Partly to Blame

Bad Economy

We can’t overlook the state of the economy when we factor in PC sales. It’s just not a necessity to most people. More are sticking with what they’ve got instead of splurging on a new computer every year. Once the economy picks up, gadget sales of all kinds will surely pick up with it.

10. It’s Not Too Late for the PC
Windows 8 has only been out for two weeks, so we shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves and even with all the predictions, can we really tell what Santa will bring this year? Let’s give Windows 8 a fighting chance or give Microsoft some room for some serious promoting.