Woman: Police Brutality Popped My Breast Implant, Forced Mastectomy

police texas brutality breast implant ruptures breaks pops

Rebecca Van Hooser.

A Texas woman says a cop roughed her up so brutally that he popped her right boob — busting the breast implant, leaking silicone into her body and causing injury that required a mastectomy.

Rebecca Van Hooser has filed a lawsuit claiming Pantego, Texas, cop Eric Alvarez violated her constitutional rights.

Alvarez stopped the Arlington, Texas, woman on October 28, 2011, as she made a run to the store for cookie dough. He stopped her for driving with her lights off (she says they were on). But he made her exit the vehicle because she had a warrant for a prior speeding ticket.

Van Hooser says he kicked apart her legs and twisted her arm behind her back — so hard that it ruptured her boob.

police brutality ruptures breast implant

When she alerted him to the pain, he allegedly said, “You’re not supposed to be comfortable.”

Van Hooser’s attorney Susan Hutchison tells the Star-Telegram that Van Hooser’s doctors were shocked at her injuries:

“They hadn’t seen anything like it. She was told that it would take a tremendous amount of force for that to happen.

Van Hooser says she has since endured several surgeries, including tissue transplants and a complete mastectomy of the right breast.

The suit alleges the cop acted outside the bounds of the law:

Alvarez violated Van Hooser’s right to be free from unreasonable seizure of her person when Alvarez unjustifiably used force excessive to the need in the arrest of Van Hooser. Alvarez’s actions were objectively unreasonable and violated Van Hooser’s rights to life and the integrity of her person.

h/t: Daily News