4 Dead, 3 Troopers Injured in PA Shooting Spree; Woman Killed in Church

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There’s been another deadly shooting in America, this one a wild spree along a rural road in central Pennsylvania.

Cops are processing five separate crime scenes after 44-year-old Jeffrey Lee Michael of Hollidaysburg went on a rampage that left four people dead and three state troopers injured in Frankstown Township, Blair County, near Geeseytown.

Here’s what you should know.

1. The Shooter Killed a Woman at Church

The shooter’s first victim was Kimberly A. Scott, 58, of Duncansville, who was decorating the Juniata Valley Gospel Church in preparation for a kids’ Christmas party when she was shot dead by Michael. Michael reportedly shot out some windows before killing Scott. Another decorator was spared. The first reports of shots came around 9 a.m.
2. He Killed Two More People in Two Different Places
geeseytown shooting pennsylvania
After killing Scott, Michael continued his rampage, murdering a man at a nearby residence. He then tore off in his pickup truck, crashed into another vehicle, and shot and killed the driver.
3. Troopers Killed Him in a Shootout
Michael’s pickup collided head-on with one of the state police cars responding to the mayhem. He jumped out of the truck and started shooting. The troopers fired back and killed him.
4. He Shot a Trooper
geeseytown shooting pennsylvania 4 dead
One of the troopers was shot in the chest but was wearing a bulletproof vest. Two other troopers were injured — one hurt in the crash, and a third hurt by flying glass from bullets hitting his vehicle.
5. The Investigation Stretches for Miles
TribLive reported “The crime scene extends along at least six miles of Juniata Valley Road, which runs along the Juniata River.”
6. Cops Are Processing Five Separate Crime Scenes
geeseytown mass shooting pennsylvania
There’s the church, the church grounds, the spot of the first crash, the spot where Michael shot at the troopers, and the spot where he was shot, reports the Mirror.
7. Schools Were on Lockdown
As the tragedy unfolded, local schools including the Frankstown Elementary School were in lockdown mode.
8. It’s the 2nd Rural Pennsylvania Church Shooting this Month
AP reports:

Gregory Eldred, 52, an elementary school teacher is jailed on charges he fatally shot his ex-wife, a church organist, during a service in Coudersport on Dec. 2.

9. The Motive is Unknown
10. It Happened on the Same Morning the NRA Held a High-Profile Press Conference
The National Rifle Association today held a press conference addressing the Sandy Hook Massacre and calling for armed guards at every school. Several outlets noted the irony of the NRA calling for more guns even as another shooting unfolded.

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