US Ambassador to Finland’s Christmas Card Kicks Major Ass

US Ambassador to Finland Christmas Card

Now that’s how you do a Christmas card! Bruce Oreck, the U.S. Ambassador to Finland, sent this Christmas card around to his family and friends. It became public when one of them posted it to Facebook. Bless that person. They should be considered a national hero.

Who knew ambassadors were so jacked? I see a Vin Diesel movie in the future about this guy. By day, U.S. Ambassador to Finland. By night, he fights international terrorists and jewel thieves with nothing but the pure strength of his massive biceps. Accompanied by a wise-cracking sidekick played by Jonah Hill, who hangs back in a van hacking into stuff and generally being the eyes and ears of the organization. When he actually does get into the field he bumbles and crumbles and makes mistakes and … where was I again?

Oh yes, this is just fantastic. I’ve been staring at it for an hour and it’s still hilarious to me.

(h/t Business Insider)