Another Man Pushed to Death in Front of NYC Subway Train

The second man in one month has been pushed to his death in front of a New York City subway train — this one in Queens on Thursday night, December 27, around 8 p.m.

Police report as the suspect remains at large. Witnesses say they saw a woman who was sitting alone on a wooden bench get up and push the man in front of the oncoming train at the 40th street station.

The man has yet to be identified due to the extent of his injuries.

The woman fled the scene but is described as a Hispanic female in her 20s, heavyset, about 5-foot-5 and wearing a blue, white and gray ski jacket with Nike sneakers.

Witnesses described the gruesome scene. One man said:

It was horrible. It echoed through the bottom, and I never want to hear something like that again.

Another man said:

I think it’s crazy. It really is. And what needs to be done, this has happened twice this month, they need to slow the trains down to about 15 miles an hour when they are coming into the station, so if something like that does happen, they have time to stop the train. When I heard it, I couldn’t believe it.

Earlier in the month, Ki-Suck Han was pushed to his death in front of a subway train in Times Square by 30-year-old Naeem Davis after they got into an argument.

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