Ashton and Demi Divorce: How Much Will They Pay?

Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Divorce

Once upon a time, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were just a couple of crazy kids in love.

Well, Ashton Kutcher was a crazy kid, and Demi was the cruelly nicknamed cougar that stalked the boy…okay, so Demi was a lot hotter than most women half her age and Ashton was making some movies and TV shows, so they were able to get past that age difference thing for a few years.

But now they’re heading to divorce court, finally, after being separated a year, and while their romance is dead, they’ve got one thing in common. That’s money, a lot of it. So the divorce is heading to court at last, but don’t expect Demi and Ashton to be single soon.

Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Bruce Willis, Divorce
Sources are telling TMZ that the power couple is stuck on the money issue. Seems Demi wants Ashton to pay her off like Bruce Willis did. According to Business Insider, Demi scored big time when she and Willis split up. Willis said he felt like he “had failed as a father (to their three daughters) and as a husband” and ended up paying for that failure with a cool $90 million settlement, one of the most expensive in Hollywood divorces.

Here’s the kicker, though. This time around, Demi’s got way more money than her husband, even though he’s been investing millions into Silicon Valley companies. Her New York city apartment alone is worth $25 million, and nobody’s even saying how much that big spread she owns out in Idaho’s worth.

Not only that, but Bruce and Demi had three children together — the more children, the higher the settlement. Ashton and Demi had no children, so he won’t have to pay her off. But that’s not saying he won’t go after some of her money.

But it might also all depend how much Ashton wants to get out of his marriage. He has said he was going to give Demi the opportunity to file for divorce first, as is fitting, since he screwed around on her. But now, he’s got the lovely Mila Kunis, so Demi may figure the two of them, with their huge salaries, may want to pay her plenty to set her one-time boy toy free.

Either way, now that the divorce papers are filed, they’ll still have to wait six months before they’re free again. This is gonna get good…