Bow & Arrow Attack Update: Son Killed Prof Dad in Front of Classroom

Jim Krumm, Heidi Arnold, murders, Chris Krumm, Casper College, bow and arrow shooting

A professor whose son shot him in the head with a bow and arrow Friday is being hailed as a hero after he fought back, giving his four to six students time to escape.

Casper Police Chief Chris Walsh said Chris Krumm, 25, walked into his father’s computer science classroom at Casper College at about 9 a.m. Friday and shot his father in the head, shortly after stabbing the 56-year-old’s girlfriend, outside her home near the college.

Details were still sketchy on Friday when the attack was first reported, but Casper police tonight outlined the scenario, listing the victims’ names and talking about what happened, reports the Casper Star-Tribune.

But Walsh said the professor was a hero, despite having been shot in the head with an arrow.

The courage demonstrated by Professor Krumm is absolutely without equal. Maybe that will bring some comfort to people.

Police are still somewhat sketchy on exactly what happened in the classroom after the students fled, but at some point, the younger Krumm stabbed himself several times before plunging a knife into his father’s chest – after he’d already shot him in the head with the arrow.

Police said before Krumm went to the college to attack his father, he stabbed his father’s girlfriend, Heidi Arnold, a math professor at the college, several times outside her own home. The 42-year-old woman had defensive wounds, Walsh said, showing she tried to fight off the attack.

Chris Krumm didn’t live in Casper, but lived across the country in Vernon, Conn. and arrived on Thursday. Police believe he was staying at a nearby motel.

There hasn’t been a motive established for the slayings, but police said it appears Krumm drove to Wyoming fully intending to carry out the attack, and may have left messages explaining what he had done.

Oddly enough, the suspect had no significant criminal history and there was no indication he’d threatened either his father or Arnold before.

Police said the attack began Friday at the home Arnold and Jim Krumm shared, and appears to have mostly happened outside. After, the younger Krumm drove to the college, bringing two knives and the bow and arrow. He downed his father, police said, with a single arrow. Some students tried to help the professor, but as people fled the room, the door locked behind them, and security guards had to bring keys to open it back up.

Miraculously, no students or other teachers were injured. Police didn’t specify where the suspect is at this point, but he’s in custody and likely being treated at for his self-inflicted wounds.

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