Charge: Cop Killed By Marine Husband While on Patrol on Christmas Eve

benjamin and jennifer sebena

Benjamin Sebena, left, and his wife, Police Officer Jennifer L. Sebena.

A decorated Iraq war vet who saw 50 friends die in combat murdered his police-officer wife execution-style while she was on duty on Christmas Eve, according to shocking charges out of Wisconsin.

Former Marine Benjamin Sebena, husband of slain police officer Jennifer L. Sebena, has been charged with shooting Jennifer twice in the back of the head with his own weapon — then grabbing her police revolver and shooting her three more times in the face.

Benjamin Jennifer Sebena wedding

The gruesome event unfolded in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, as the Wauwatosa cop came off a break at the local fire station in this Milwaukee suburb. According to the complaint (scroll down to read full document), Benjamin, who served two tours in Iraq before getting injured, admitted he had stalked his wife and lay in wait for her on the night of her murder:

benjamin sebena jennifer sebena

The complaint also states that she had recently reported a domestic violence incident in which her husband put a gun to her head:

Benjamin Sebena Jennifer Sebena

In a 2010 video made for the Elmbrook Church No Regrets Men’s Conference, Benjamin Sebena speaks of the horrors of war — including seeing 50 friends die, having to kill a child who tried to kill him, and getting his leg and arm nearly blown off by a mortar round.

benjamin sebena kills jennifer sebena

“We’re trained to kill,” he said. “We’re trained that death is OK. Wasn’t trained how to deal with the death, but we’re definitely trained to kill.”

Watch the video below, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The original YouTube video has been set to private.

In a heartbreaking twist, the video also describes his love affair with Jennifer, whom he wooed via MySpace while stationed in Iraq:

I found a girl that I used to go to high school … with, and she was cute so I sent her a little thing like, ‘Hey, I’m a Marine. I’m in Iraq. How you doin’?’ And she sent back like, ‘OK, I’m good.’ So that didn’t work. But I’m a Marine so I kept on trying.

Later, after he suffered his debilitating injuries, made a determined recovery and returned home to Wisconsin:

Our love flourished. We became infatuated with each other. And then one day I asked her if she would be happy to spend the rest of her life with me, and she said yes.

Read the full criminal complaint against Sebena: