Coast Guard Seizes $100M in Cocaine in 2 Weeks

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Tampa Cocaine seizure

The Coast Guard is doing its part to drive up the cost of blow in the States.

In three separate seizures over two weeks, the U.S. Coast Guard has confiscated $100 million in cocaine.

On December 5, the Coast Guard discovered 5,000 pounds of blow floating off Florida’s east coast — worth $55 million. Smugglers — first spotted by a Canadian patrol plane — dumped their massive stash to avoid capture and escaped. The Coast Guard cutter Tampa swooped in and recovered the drugs.

On the same day, on the west coast of Florida in St. Petersburg, the Coast Guard cutter Decisive unloaded 3,967 pounds of coke seized in two different operations — a total haul worth some $45 million. That includes 2,094 pounds seized on November 25 south of the Dominican Republic and 1,873 pounds yanked off a sailboat on November 27, also south of DR.

According to CBS Miami:

Over the past five months, the Coast Guard has seized, under Operation Unified Resolve, in partnership with regional law enforcement authorities in the Caribbean, 20,895 pounds of cocaine and 6,900 pounds of marijuana during 15 law enforcement cases. The wholesale value of these seizures is worth $262 million.

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