Cops: Man Shoots Girlfriend during Fight about ‘The Walking Dead’

jared gurman walking dead shoots girlfriend

A passionate fan of the TV show The Walking Dead shot his girlfriend in the back with a rifle on Monday morning after they argued for hours following the mid-season finale.

NBC New York reports that 26-year-old Jared Gurman of Williston Park, Long Island, New York — apparently a rabid follower of the hit AMC zombie show — faces a charge of attempted murder.

Lt. Raymond Cote holds up a comic book found at the suspect’s home. (Via Mineola Patch)

According to Mineola Patch:

Gurman reportedly “felt strongly” about the premise of the show where a military mishap could occur causing a virus to devastate the planet with a zombie plague. His girlfriend considered it “ridiculous” that a scenario could occur in real life.

They fought for hours until his girlfriend finally got sick of him and drove him home. They he texted her like a madman, continuing the fight, until she drove back over there. He was waiting for her with a rifle. Cote says she was “walking up the stairs when Mr. Gurman raised the rifle, pointed it at her and fired one round into her back, causing serious injury.”

The bullet ripped through her body, piercing her lung and diaphragm and shattering a rib.

Nassau County Detective Lt. Raymond Cote told reporters at a news conference that Gurman’s apartment contained three guns and was littered with Walking Dead comic books:

It’s disturbing that there’s a picture of a family, gun shell casings and zombies.

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