Dad Accidentally Shoots 7-Year-Old Son Dead at Gun Shop

dad shoots son, son shot by dad, Joseph Loughrey

No one saw it coming when Joseph Loughrey’s gun accidentally went off, killing his seven-year-old boy, Craig, instantly in the parking lot of a local gun store.

Loughrey and his son made the trip to Twig’s Reloading Den in East Lackawannock, P.A. on Saturday morning to try and sell his guns, but owner Gladys Mohney wasn’t interested in buying them. The father and son returned to their pickup truck and that’s when the 9 mm handgun went off, firing a bullet into the little boy’s chest, killing him instantly, reports the Post-Gazette.

The father didn’t even know any of the guns were loaded.

Loughrey, panicked, started driving to the hospital, but didn’t leave the parking lot after realizing his son needed help immediately. Paramedics arrived at the scene, but were unable to revive the boy.

No charges were filed against Loughrey for the tragic accident.

“This happens all too often where people think the gun was empty,” state police Lt. Eric Hermick said.

Loughrey and the boy’s mother are divorced and the boy was visiting the father for the weekend.

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