Former Yankee Hideki Matsui Announces Retirement from Baseball

Slugger Hideki Matsui, the 2009 World Series MVP, announced his retirement from baseball at a news conference in New York City on Thursday, reports

The 38-year-old Japanese baseball player spent 20 years of his life playing for the major leagues. He played for 10 years in Japan where he was one of the most dominant hitters for the Yomiuri Giants before signing on with the Yankees. He also played with the Los Angeles Angels, the Oakland Athletics and the Tampa Bay Rays.

“To be able to put my arms through the sleeves of a Yankees uniform, a team I had long adored, for seven years was the greatest experience,” Matsui said at the conference in New York City as tears.

Although we know him for his time spent with the Yankees, Matsui holds the record for highest home run, RBI and walk totals out of any Japanese player and was a three-time MVP and nine-time All-Star.

Matsui announced that he is retiring from baseball because he can no longer play at the level he desires and he knew it last season when his performance fizzled with the Rays.

He will be missed on the field.

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