Gang-Rape Victim Arrested for Drinking Alcohol

dubai alcohol

A 28-year old British woman in Dubai went to the police to report being kidnapped and gang-raped by three men. But after she admitted that she had been drinking alcohol, she was arrested and fined about $200, The Sun reports.

Two Iranian men are currently on trial for the attack while the third man has yet to be captured. The Daily News says that the woman, unidentified for legal reasons, testified that she was grabbed from a taxi on July 6 while heading home from a bar, Rock Bottom, around 3 a.m. when three men told the driver they were her friends.

She was taken to an apartment in Naif, a seedy neighborhood, where the men allegedly took turns raping her while filming the attack. She pleaded with them to release her but they refused, allegedly laughing at her and speaking to one another in broken English.

Dubai’s strict Islamic law prohibits drinking, and she was prosecuted in a separate court for drinking without a license.

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