Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris Say They’re Giving Marriage Another Shot

Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris, Playboy, Playboy mansion, married

Guess playmate Crystal Harris just can’t get enough of the man in the robe.

Playboy multimillionaire Hugh Hefner is engaged to Harris once again, and they plan to walk down the aisle at the Playboy Mansion on New Year’s Eve, TMZ reported tonight.

Harris ditched Hef back in June 2011, just five days before he was going to put a ring on her hand, but she must be more in the mood for geriatric love these days, since she moved back into the mansion and agreed to marry him.

Oh, did we mention Hef is 86 and Crystal is 26. You do the math – it’s easy. Sixty years separate them. And no, Hef’s millions don’t have a bit to do with her big attraction, nope not at all.

We have to wonder though, will Hef change out of his smoking jacket?