‘Malcolm in the Middle’ Star Frankie Muniz Suffers Mini-Stroke

Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz shocked his Twitter followers today by announcing that he suffered a mini-stroke on Friday. According to TMZ, doctors still don’t understand was caused the stroke.

Muniz was rushed to an Arizona ER on Friday by friends who had noticed the actor-turned-drummer was having trouble speaking as well as understanding speech.

TMZ goes on to say that Muniz is still awaiting test results, but there is no root cause.

Frankie turns 27 tomorrow, and his band Kingsfoil was due to begin a U.S. tour on Friday. Expect that to be canceled to the disappointment of their fan.

This BBC report into under-30s who suffer strokes indicated that the first priority is to discover if it the patient has been abusing illegal drugs, in particular cocaine. Heavy alcohol use can also be a factor.

Since the conclusion of Malcolm in the Middle in 2006, Muniz has struggled to find another worthwhile project. Despite collecting massive sums of money thanks to syndication deals, he has been moving between band as well as attempting a career as a race car driver.

In 2011, Muniz was arrested after threatening his girlfriend Elcyia Turnbow with violence and promising to commit suicide in front of her. According to police reports, Muniz held a gun to his head during the incident. The two had been arguing over past lovers.

Elycia Turnbow, Frankie Muniz, Stroke, Malcolm in the Middle.

Elycia Turnbow has been engaged to Muniz since October 2011.

A 2007 Internet death hoax went so far that youtube videos began appearing eulogizing the former star.

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